Martin’s Story

Hello, my name is Martin, and my wife recently just tried to commit suicide. She called me while on my way to work and left me a voicemail saying she didn’t want to be here anymore. I rushed home and took about 2 hrs before I cold get the knife away. I also called her parents who in turn called the police and took her to the mental hospital and had her there for a few days. I’ve been going through this since after our little girl was born and it was even hard through her pregnancy. Other people who I know have gone through this but nearly as bad. My wife even wanted to leave me saying that I would be happier with someone else. But she doesn’t understand the things I’m doing for her to prove I want to be there and help, but you know how it goes and what us guys hear, “You’re just a man, and you’ll never understand!”  I know I’m not the only one who has heard it.  I might not understand, but I understand she’s going through something, and counseling doesn’t help.

1 Week Later

Right now we have begun talking to a counselor/psychiatrist. But to no avail, that has not been working. She was just recently released by the hospital and they gave her a lot of drugs. But for me it’s hard trying to be so helpful and understanding, and all this rejection is getting to me. She has no regard of me because I am a man and will never understand. But it is difficult. She even wanted me to end the relationship with her because she felt as if she was holding me back. But women don’t realize the type of men we used to be, all the women we would date, and the dirt we’ve gotten into with our friends, now, we are being responsible men, dealing with wives, baby mommas, or even girlfriends of our children, not being the same person we used to but get no recognition for it. So I’m like, if I leave or if she does, I might go back to being how I used to. Primarily because as you know as we go through our wives Post Partum Depression, we get cut off the love as well. So it makes it hard. And even more so since that I want to be by her side, but keep getting pushed away.

12 Months Later 

Hello there, I know it has been a long while since I have contacted you guys. Since my last email things have gotten a little bit better, but not really. I learned that if you just leave them alone, you’re neglecting them and if you show you care you’re smothering. It’s almost an unattainable matter to make your wife happy enough. Then you have to deal with the rejection, lack of intimacy. My spouse even told me I could sleep with other women….which I have not done.

3 Responses to Martin’s Story

  1. J says:

    Yeah, mine had twins, everything was fine until about a year into it and then I came back from a hunting trip and she said I think you are a wonderful husband and I think I need to move in with my parents and seperate. No Idea if she wants to stay together, she took the kids and I am living in limbo with my life on hold waiting for her to decide if she wants to stay together. She is seeing a counselor which is doing absolutely nothing and has developed celiac disease (allergy to Gluten) affects the reception of nutrients in food to the bloodstream which has made her malnourished. I still love her and my boys very much but when she drives off with them you might as well take my whole world away from me. Anyway’s I am pretty depressed but yeah lots of rejection, intimacy problems etc, and SHE HATES ME. Boy does she hate me I have no Idea why I do everything in my power to make her happy. I feel ya hang in there.

  2. Henry says:

    Thats exactly what happened to me & boy does my wife hate me! You know I’m actually just so happy to read that I’m not alone here, although I wouldnt wish this on anyone. My wife took off to with my boy of 6 months. I’m just praying she will get better. My wife and son are my heart and soul, & when they left…well lets just say I shattered into a thousand little pieces.

  3. Jake says:

    My wife hates me too but loves her phone. Are all of your wives as angry as mine. Is this ppd?

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