Keith’s Story

My wife has every symptom I’ve read about in these story’s (most of them).  We have no insurance and nine kids ranging from 11mths – 21yrs old.  The kids are covered, but as for my wife and I we are waiting for November when I am eligible for insurance through my company.  I need to get help for my wife, but, between her stubbornness and the lack of resources I am at a loss.  How do I get her the necessary treatment or medication with out adequate funds or insurance?  I make just enough where I can get assistance for the kids and nothing for her.  I cherish my wife and I am afraid I just can’t give her the help she needs.  If it weren’t for our relationship with God I believe she would have done something drastic by now.  If you have any kind of helpful hints, please share.

6 Months Later

My wife and I are doing so much better now.  I was really going crazy for a while.  Postpartum depression is no joke and has been one of the hardest things both of us went through.  I can only imagine what it was like for her, but she put me through the coals of hell. 

I praise God for her healing, because she never saw a doctor, no medication, or counseling.  We have strengthened our walk with Jesus through all of it.  The endless nights of sleepwalking, sleep talking, and a few bad experiences of sleep driving. The mood swings of “I love you,” “I hate you,” “Why are you still here,” etc. etc. etc….The lack of sleep, going to work, going to school (@ age 30), coming home to nothing being done, cooking, cleaning, home schooling 4 of our kids, taking care of our little one that’s 18 months old now.  Counseling all of the kids on what mommy is going through and teaching them how to pray for her. Trying to be there for my wife throughout all of the ups and downs.  Talking her out of the horrible thoughts she had in her head.

I almost lost my job and barely passed my classes.  I thought several times I was going to have a heart attack.  But, throughout the whole thing I remember the lady I married.  “For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health.”  I married my wife because I knew that the bible says to love your wife the way that Christ loves the church.  Some times you have to deny yourself for some one else.  My wife is worth more to me than my own happiness.

Now that she is feeling better our married has strengthened so much.  Don’t get me wrong she stills has healing to do, but I can sleep through the entire night not worrying about her getting up and doing anything crazy.  I’ve got stories that will turn your hair white.  I’ve got a few now myself.  I hope this helps some one, the way that the other men’s stories helped me. 

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