Steve’s Story

Prior to our son being born my wife had suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Since our son’s birth she was diagnosed with PPD a year later.  Her position towards me has changed 180 degrees and she is seeking a divorce.  She was put on Welbuturin with no counseling and no real results.  Her mother is being treated for Depression and her father is being treated for Bipolar Disorder.  We went to counseling once and afterwards she stated that she was not going back.  I talked with the marriage counselor again in regards to her family history etc. and he speculated that she is still suffering from Depression and late onset Bipolar Disorder.  He said that 5 or 6 years she may “wake-up” and ask herself  “what did I do”?  Since then she has moved out, cell phone bills for 2 months at $1600.00, credit card is at $10,400.00 soon to hit its max.  She doesn’t listen to our stable friends and she has surrounded herself with people who have their own issues and identity problems. 

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