Stories – PPD & Separation

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  1. ashley says:

    My story begins a few years ago my husband and I had began trying for a baby. Five miscarriages, one ectopic pregnacy later I carried full term with our baby girl. Finally right, wrong a week after having our baby my husband tells me he wants a divorce that he’s not happy and wants out of the marriage and wants to be as far away as possible. He says he’s depressed and he doesn’t want to work on it, he’s done!!! This all just happened a week ago! I feel he has postpartum depression, but I don’t know for sure…if any man or woman has gone through a similar situation i would like to hear about it, please any bit of encouragement would be great…I’m losing my mind right now trying to fight for my marriage and all he wants to do is give up, he’d causing me to go through postpartum myself.

    • postpartumdads says:

      Please visit You can find resources for men at this site and contact Dr. Will Courtenay.

    • john says:

      Ashley, I so hope you found a good solution with your husband. I see it was over 2 yrs ago, –
      I had my child about 18 yrs ago, my wife left shortly after, bounced back and forth. Unfortunately, our daughter was 2 before I ever heard of PPD, and much damage had been done. We went through our divorce and have had little communication since. I have a close bond with my daughter, but have much ‘caching up’ to do.

      Get any and all help you can, PSI was such wonderful support to me in those days, and still. All the best to you –

  2. andy says:

    my wife had a baby three months ago i work abroad quite a lot so missed the birth. i went back to see my wife and baby girl two weeks ago and everything was fine i got called away to work again and one weel later she left the home and baby with her mother to go see another guy she spoke to on the internet and said she wants to leave me she has never been the same since the baby was born we used to speak everyday on skype and there was never a problem accept for her mood swings could this be pdp or just wishful thinking?

  3. Annie says:

    Hello, I don’t usually do this but here is the story to my step-daughter. She is a very young military mom/wife who got served a TRO and divorce papers within two weeks of each other along with getting escorted out of her home, from her son all because her husband didn’t support, agree not understand that she was not herself because of her postpartum depression…here is her link of the story. She is currently in San Diego, CA struggling to find an attorney that will help her and that she can afford. She was a house wife and a stay at home mom with no job, not to mention her son was born with health issues. Please take a look and if there is ANY way you can help that would be amazing. Thank you for your time…

  4. Nelson says:

    I have a girlfriend and we had our first child
    1 year ago before and during the pregnancie
    She was a normal female was most of the time happy and loving..
    Well I didn’t wanna belive it but she got postnatal 2 months after having the baby. I was working and my mum was overseas for 3 and her famaly wouldn’t come over to help and me working it was all on her to take care of the baby during the day..
    It got bad at one stage she would ring my work nearly every day crying and I’d have to go home I’m very grateful to that company they but up with it for a year but then it came to an end with me losing the job..
    I know somtime I would say the wrong thing to her after her going at me leting me know she dosnt want me and that I was the biggest mistake of her life.
    Well now our son is 1 year old and she has left me and my son for the third time and don’t know were she has gone ( but I know she is save with her gf) I’m at the end don’t know what to do she was taking anti depressant but has stop and I don’t know when either..
    I love her and want us to stay together so my son dosnt have a weekend mum or dad.. Please help I’ve got no support from her famaliy I’ve just got my mum but she is 68 and dosnt need this in her life as well…
    I want to help her so we both can work together on this

    I hate postnatal depression………

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