Dealing with Rejection

Postpartumdads has recieved several emails and phone calls that follow a very similar pattern.  Sometime, either during the pregnancy or within a few months of birth, the dad starts to feel rejected by his partner.  Here are some typical examples:

“We did not have a perfect marriage, but it was pretty good.  About mid-pregnancy she wanted to leave, then she came back.   Our baby is 6 months old now, and she wants to leave again. She says she feels numb and disconnected from me….In every other way she seems to be normal.  Is it possible, that she seems happy in everything else she is doing, but she has singled me out?” 


“I believe my wife is suffering from a postpartum mood disorder, but refuses treatment.  I have tried to convince her to see a psychiatrist because she may need medication, but she says her issues have nothing to do with any physiological issue.  She has asked me for a separation.  I am at a loss for where to turn.”


We have several stories from dads dealing with rejection that you can access on the sidebar.  As you will see reading through the stories, there are no easy answers for this problem. 

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